The Bild SolidWorks Add-In enables SolidWorks users to access their project files right where they are designing.

1. To get started on the Add-In, click on your profile icon on the top right and then navigate to the Plugins tab.


2. Click on the grey bar to download the add-in and then navigate to your downloads folder to run the .exe file. Upon running the file, the Add-In installer will load. Agree to the terms and conditions to install.


3. If you currently have SolidWorks open, close SolidWorks and then reopen it. Otherwise open SolidWorks and you will see the Add-In already installed under Tools in the SolidWorks toolbar.


4. Navigate to Bild to generate your access code and paste it into the Bild SolidWorks Add-In. Note: this is a one time access code. If you log out of the add-in, you will need to regenerate a new code to log back in.


5. Click on your name at the top right and select your check out file location. This is the location that the designs you check out will be saved to. If you simply view designs in SolidWorks through the Add-In, those designs will be in your temp folder. Setting this up will allow you to navigate to work in progress designs that you know will need to be checked in.


6. Navigate around your project files and either check out, view in SolidWorks, or cancel a check out (if currently checked out by you) directly in the Add-In. For assembly files, you will be prompted if you want to check out all children under the assembly along with the assembly file.


7. To check in files, click the check in files button on the top and select the folder and files where you checked out your files. Provide new versions for designs you are checking in and an optional check in message. Note: you only need to navigate to that folder once, as the Add-In will navigate to that folder immediately the next times. 


8. You can view your checked in files directly back in Bild through the browser as well. Navigating to those designs will show the latest revision along with the check in message for all the files the user checked in.


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