Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome To Bild! We have created a lest below of tasks you should complete in order to get started on Bild. Additionally you can find some general tips on best practices in our "Best Practices" sections. 

The following are tasks to help users get started:

Best Practices


This page will help identify some of the Do's and Don'ts when using a PDM system such as Bild. We understand that every organization functions slightly different and need flexibility in their PDM workflows. In general, the Bild platform is there to provide the foundation to your future data management practices and provides the flexibility on downstream document management. We have listed a few workflows that teams in the past have leveraged with the flexibility of the Bild platform.


These are best practices that should be followed with Bild across the organization.

  • Always check out files to pull the latest version, then make changes.  
  • Leverage the check in messages to briefly describe version updates. 
  • Cancel a check out as soon as you want to release a file that you have not edited. 
  • Check in designs on a frequent basis- the more frequent the better. 
  • Provide a new revision number for each check in to help coordinate changes. 
  • Check out the lowest subassembly you want to edit rather than checking out the top level assembly. 


These are basics that go against good data managment practices that should never be done

  • Download a file that is checked out, with the intention of making design changes. You likely will work on a version that will be outdated once the file is checked back in. 
  • Check out files you do NOT intend on editing. 
  • Check in a file that you have not edited, rather cancel the check out. 
  • Rename files as a way to revision. 
  • Check out an assembly when you only want to edit a part(s) in that assembly. Rather, check out the part(s) only. If you need the assembly for context, download it. 

Up To Your Team To Decide

  • Name file versions in any way: alpha, numeric, both! Just be consistent across your team
  • Download designs, view in Solid works, or use the web-viewer to simply review files
  • Arrange designs in any folder and file structure within a project or across projects. 
  • Have the same files roll up to multiple projects without breaking the link or having duplicates.
  • When reviewing files: use the Bild web viewer or download the designs and view them in your CAD editor. 

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