Jira For Bild

Jira is a popular space for engineers to collaborate. If you have a software or firmware or hardware team that live on these platforms, you can install the Jira integration to bridge the gap between the teams. Bild has built a two-way integration with Jira where feedback items within Bild are ported over to Jira and updates to the feedback item in Jira gets updated in Bild and vice versa.

Check out the quick explainer video at the bottom too!

Install the integration

Step 1: Within a project, navigate to the Project Settings

Step 2: Click on Integrations

Step 3: Under Integrations, select Connect for the Jira option

Step 4: Sign into your Jira account and select a channel where Bild can post. Click Allow

Step 5: Choose a site to authorize Bild to connect to.

Step 6: You will be directed back to Bild where you can choose which Jira project to connect to.

Step 7: Now that you've connected your Bild project with a Jira project, feedback items created in Bild are synced to Jira's Kanban board in the backlog column. Updates to the title, description, and comments on Jira are synced back to Bild!

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