OnShape is a product design platform that allows engineers to create designs together in real-time all through a web-based browser. To sync OnShape designs with Bild, there are three main ways: through Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Engineers can share the latest designs with collaborators easily through the OnShape and Bild workflow.

*Note: This workflow requires teams to have a Google Drive, Dropbox business, or One Drive account.

Setup the workflow

Step 1: Create a dedicated folder to host your OnShape designs on Google Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive. Remember the folder name and location, as you'll select this folder later in OnShape and Bild.

Step 2: When creating a project in Bild, select the platform then the folder you want the Bild project to sync with

Step 3: In OnShape, go to "My account" and then "Integrations". Here, you can connect the hosting service (Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive) where you created your folder

Step 4: To push a design to Bild, click on "Export" for the design

Step 5: Select any of the format options and under "Options" select the hosting service you want to store the design on, then click "OK"

Step 6: Select the folder you created and synced with Bild, then click "Export". A success message will appear in OnShape

Step 7: The design will automatically show up on your Bild project, where collaborators can review designs and directly provide feedback

Remember that as designs change over time, Bild automatically captures all previous design changes through its in-built version control system!

Happy tinkering with OnShape and Bild!

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