Files & Folders

Note to current users:

*Any files currently in projects will stay in that project, if there is a file used across multiple projects it will be split into separate files with their own respective part numbers. Only file that is not used in any project will be moved to the "Shared Files" drive.

Shared Files

Our Shared Files section allows you to store files that you would like to share across your entire company. This is a great place to organize files you are collaborating on as a company. You can upload files directly onto the shared files or create folders and upload files onto folders to keep files organized. Any files stores in "Shared Files" can then be added to individual projects via project settings.

Project Based Files & Folders

Project files are separated into three sections:"Project Files," "My Files," and "Guest Files." Project files are files that within a project that can be accessed only by project members. "My Files" are any files you currently have checked out and "Guest Files" are any files currently being shared to outside collaborators. 

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