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Approved Supplier List 

Assembly - An Assembly is a combination of assembly parts put together to create a complete product. Assemblies can be made of of various types of files and include mechanical and electrical components.


Bill Of Materials (BOM) - A BOM is a collection of parts and assemblies from a particular product seen in a multi level list often used as a source of information for manufacturing a product. 


Cloud PDM - A Cloud PDM system is an online software PDM enabling hardware teams access to their projects and files on demand through any computer via the internet

Cloud PLM - A Cloud PLM system is an online software PLM system used by manufactures to manage data on products, it serves as a record of a product and all its information. 

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) - CAD is the use of a computer-based software to aid in the design processes, it's used by different types of engineers and designers to create 2-D and 3-D models.


Device History Record 


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - An ERP is a type of software that aids in finance, inventory management, order tracking, and supply management operations. 


FDA Compliance - FDA Compliance refers to the regulations put in place to protect the public health, these can include requirements for medical devices and biotech companies before selling products within the United Stated. 

Finished Goods - Finished Goods are products that have completed the entire manufacturing process but haven't necessarily been sold to consumers. 


ISO Compliance - ISO Compliance is achieved when a company/organization meets all the requirements set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)


Manufacturing Bill Of Materials 


Original Equipment Manufacturer 


Part Number - 

Product Data Management (PDM) - 

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) - 


Return Material Authorization (RMA)


Software As A Service (SAAS) - Software As A Service is a cloud based software distribution model where hosts made software available for customers via the Internet. These software applications differ from the on-premise solutions with perpetual licenses, upfront costs, and support fees.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) - Standard Operating Procedure is a set of instructions to help teams to complete routine tasks, these procedures help teams' efficiency and comply with industry regulations. 


Time To Market (TTM) - TTM is the total time is takes to take a product for creation to marketable. Companies use this timeline during the new product development and product introduction to gain advantages. 

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