October 2022 Update

It’s been a busy month at Bild and we are excited to reach out with our latest updates. Bild now makes it easy to:

     📔 Project Specific Files
     🗂 Shared File Repository 
     💻 Customizable Metadata Fields 
     ⚡️ Click To Render

Project Specific Files

With project specific files users can now upload files directly onto their projects without having to first upload them in the vault or any shared drive. This means that teams can have files specific for projects that are only accessible to project members.

*Any files currently in projects will stay in that project, if there is a file used across multiple projects it will be split into separate files with their own respective part numbers. Only file that is not used in any project will be moved to the "Shared Files" drive. 

Shared File Repository

Bild is moving away from our "Vault" and to a new "Shared Files" repository. Although the icon and location will not change, the shared files repository will be a place where users can store files that might be needed across different projects and users. All users will have access to add any files in the Shared Files repository to their projects.

Customizable Metadata Fields

Customized metadata properties are now able to be added onto files in Bild. Users can chose from a variety of field types such as free form text, numerical values, drop down options, or attachments.

Click To Render

Our new click to render feature will implement a credit system which will allow users to render CAD files through their credits. Each assembly rendered will also render all its child files and each part file rendered will also render all the part files under the parent assembly. 

Users can view their remaining credits through their account settings.

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