Part Numbering

Paying customers for Bild who want to set up a custom part numbering scheme should email with their proposed numbering scheme and availability to set up a discussion meeting.

Part numbering is vital to keep data organized and easily referencable. With Bild, you can leverage your own part numbering schema or Bild’s out of the box solution to achieve better data management practices. In general, all files in Bild are required to have a part number.

 Our part numbering system has three main parts to it: category, number, and revision. Each of these parts reflects information regarding the file. 

The Category 

Bild's category is divided into four different options: 

  • 800: Assemblies
  • 600: Part Files
  • 400: Drawings
  • 200: And Other Files

The Functional Number

The function number is a five digit number is associated with each category and no number is repeated within a category. Bild auto increments the number within each category for new files added. 

💡 Note: Numbers are unique within a category and not across categories 

The Revision

The revision is the last number in a part number. This changes every time a new revision is created and mirror's the revision being looked at. For example if your project ended in 1 but you just checked in a file and titled the revision 2, the latest file will now end in 2. 

Overwriting Part Numbers Generated By Bild

If you would like to overwrite a part number generated by Bild, you can do so for SolidWork files only. Go into your file properties for the file you would like to update and update the part number property written into the file. When you check-in the file, Bild will read the new part number

Mapping Existing Part Numbers

If you have part numbers for SolidWorks files that you would like to map into Bild, you can do so through the Custom Metadata tab in your Global Settings. A few things to note:

  • The existing part number should be within the Custom Properties of the file and not within a specific configuration
  • Updates are only forward looking, if you already added files and then mapped to your part number, only files that are re-added to Bild through a check in or new files will get the update. It is suggested that you do this step first before you upload any new files.

In your Custom Metadata tab, click on edit for the Part Number field and update the field name to match exactly the property you have in SolidWorks for your part number. These fields are case sensitive and make sure to not include any extra spaces. Any new files added or existing files that will be checked in will now map to this part number.

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