August 15, 2022


  • Enabled renaming folders in the vault
  • Enabled manually adding parent child references for files
  • Enabled adding files through drag & drop in projects or vault
  • Added support for Creo + Inventor files
  • Removed Onboarding process, BOMs, and Approvals
  • Removed version numbers and added commit message in both the recover flow
  • UI Improvements
    • Updated the editable fields in the file info drawer UI to make editable fields more intuitive for users
    • Added minimum/default column widths for the file name columns in tables
    • Removed the hover over texts on the tables for sorting 
    • If there are no files clicked on in the project settings, only show the files that already exist in the project 
    • Made all the new buttons variant secondary and all the create/new buttons to be “+ New” 

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