November 2022

Today, we released significant updates to the Bild Desktop App which require reinstalling. This is a one time manual update you will need to perform, all future updates will be automatic. These updates are all about speed and security ⚡️+🔒 If you have set up the desktop app previously, you will need to: 

       1️⃣ Uninstall it from your computer (as you would any other local app)
       2️⃣ Reinstall it from Global Settings on the Bild web platform

Note: By uninstalling your previous version, you will NOT lose any data.

Updating to the latest version of the desktop app

If you are currently using the desktop application that has a version number 1.x.x you will need to uninstall your desktop application and then install the latest version using the steps below. In order to view which version you are on, you can navigate to "Add or remove programs" and see the version currently installed.

1. Uninstall your current application if you are on any version starting with 1 (ex 1.x.x)

2. Install the latest version by navigating to your Global Settings, then to Plugins. More information can be found here to download and setup your desktop application

3. Once installed, you should be on the latest version, starting with 2 (ex 2.x.x)

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