December 2022

  • New Revisions column: Added a revisions column to the file/folder table to track revision numbers & decoupled revision numbers from part numbers 
  • Part Numbering: Added the ability for users to edit part numbers 
  • Search Functionality: Added search functionality in both the web platform & the desktop application 
  • Project Management Integrations: Added Jira as one of our Project management integration 
  • Metadata Functionality
    • Bild can now read & write metadata for Solid Drawings (.SLDDRW) 
    • Users can now select which metadata fields they would like to be written onto files
  • Version Control Tracking:
    • Version control tiles now capture the name of the user who made the check-in 
    • Updated the time stamp to a more granular date (month/date/year, hh:mm: ss tt) 
  • Kanban Board Additions
    • Users can now add new columns in between the To Do & Done columns 
    • Users can now move columns from left to right within the To Do & Done columns 
  • Archive Functionality: Updated Archive functionality to delete & updated Archive button text to Delete
  • Loading Time: Improved loading time for faster load times on projects on the web platform & desktop application
  • File Uploads: Expanded file upload capacity, users can now upload 10k+ files simultaneously 
  • Desktop Application:
    • Checkboxes will now automatically unselect when changing directory levels 
    • Clicking outside of the right revisions bar will automatically close the bar
    • Added a "select all" option for selecting all files in an assembly when checking out  

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