User Permissions & Roles

Permissions determine what people can see and do in Bild. There are admin roles that are designed for people responsible for managing accounts and settings in Bild. Non-administrative roles let people work in Bild and access key features.

Below is a list of the roles available on Bild:

Admin vs. Member


As of March 20th:

Admins are automatically added to all projects as editors. Admins are unable to remove themselves from projects or be removed by other members. If you currently have a team member with Admin access and would like to change permission settings you can do so in your Users & Roles section within your account settings. 

💡 Only Admins can switch other Admins into a Member through permission settings

  • A company administrator helps manage members and can invite and remove users from a company.
  • Admins can also cancel check outs of projects they apart of
  • Can change company settings and information


  • A company member has access to use features in Bild except for those that are limited to only admins such as adding new members and changing company settings.

Understanding Project Roles & Permissions


  • An editor has access to all of Bild’s’ regular functions.


  • Like editors, viewers can view files, create feedback items, write notes, creates BOMs and Packages, look a previous versions, download files, share, and update metadata properties. They are unable to check out/in files, add files, remove files, recover previous versions, and add users.


  • Guests are able to view specific files that are shared to them
  • Guests can add feedback to a file that is shared with them
  • Guests can upload files to a guest portal
  • Guests cannot check out/check in files

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