User Permissions & Roles

Permissions determine what people can see and do in Bild. There are admin roles that are designed for people responsible for managing accounts and settings in Bild. Non-administrative roles let people work in Bild and access key features.

Below is a list of the roles available on Bild:

Admin vs. Member


  • A company administrator helps manage members and can invite and remove users from a company.
  • Admins can also cancel check outs of projects they apart of
  • Can change company settings and information


  • A company member has access to use features in Bild except for those that are limited to only admins such as adding new members and changing company settings.

The Difference Between Editor & Viewer Functions


  • An editor has access to all of Bild’s’ regular functions.


  • Like editors, viewers can view files, create feedback items, write notes, creates BOMs and Packages, look a previous versions, download files, share, and update metadata properties. They are unable to check out/in files, add files, remove files, recover previous versions, and add users.


  • Guests are able to view specific files that are shared to them
  • Guests can add feedback to a file that is shared with them
  • Guests can upload files to a guest portal
  • Guests cannot check out/check in files

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