Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials are utilized for a variety of purposes, common examples include:

  • EBOMs: utilized by engineering teams for tracking all parts/assemblies as designed to make products
  • MBOMs: utilized by manufacturing teams for tracking the above in addition to requirements for manufacturing and shipping products

In Bild, users have the option to create the below for the typical types of BOMs above:

  • Indented BOMs - describing top level assemblies and underlying sub-assemblies
  • Direct BOMs - diving into parts/components for sub-assemblies
  • Parts only BOMs - a flat structured BOM with all components for all sub-assemblies

Creating BOMs

  1. Click on the BOMs icon when you are in a given project

  1. Click "+New" in the BOMs overlay pane
  2. Title your BOM
  3. Select from one of the options: Indented, Direct, or Parts Only
  4. Select/multi-select the components you want included
  5. Click Create BOM

Creating Versions

Once your BOM has been created, you'll need to create a version of that BOM to export either 1) just the BOM in .xlsx format, or 2) a zip file including the CAD files associated to that BOM

  1. Click on the Current dropdown

  1. Title this version, then click Create
  2. You'll now be able to see this revision under the Current drop down

Versioned BOMs are frozen captures and will not sync to the latest changes - to see the latest live version of a BOM select the Current BOM version

Exporting BOMs

  1. Select the version of the BOM on the top right hand corner

  1. Export either the Excel version of the BOM or a zip file containing the Excel file and the CAD files associated with that BOM

Editing Metadata

  1. Click on the Edit button with the pencil icon
  2. Click on the pencil icon next to the line item for the file you want to update
  3. In the overlay, type out the edits then click Update for the BOM table to update
  4. Click Save for the BOM table to retain those updates

💡 Editing metadata in BOMs only applies to the BOM table columns, it does not change the metadata read from and written back to Solidworks files. If you change metadata from the file info drawer, you can sync those changes to the BOM.

Changing BOM Columns

If you are an Admin on your Bild account, you have the ability to add new custom metadata fields. These same custom metadata fields can be used in BOMs.

  1. Navigate to your Company Settings on the top right hand corner
  2. Review the Custom Metadata tab to see if the metadata fields you'd like to add are already created
    1. Click New and add the new metadata field if not created already

  1. If the field has already been created, navigate to the BOM Table Columns tab

  1. Unhide and drag/drop the field from the "Hidden in Table" section to the "Shown in Table" section
  2. Select Update to save your change

Non-Modeled Components

In some cases, you may not have an actual CAD file to reflect the BOM line item you want to create (e.g. Packaging). To include these kind of items:

  1. Once you have the desired BOM open, click on New Non-Modeled Component
  2. Title the line items of the non-modeled components

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