User Management

Adding Users to Bild

Only Admins can add users to Bild. As an admin:

  1. Go to Company Settings in your global settings on the top right hand corner
  2. Click on the Users & Roles tab
  3. Click Add Users
  4. Type out the email address(es) of anyone you'd like to invite
    1. Press Enter after every email address so a bubble forms around their email address
  5. Specify that new user's role - Admin, Member, or Viewer
  6. Click Add

For new users who are Members, you can specify Project level access. This will not hide the list of Projects they can see in the Projects panel of your Bild dashboard, but will prevent those users from accessing projects they do not have access to.

Adding Users to Projects

  1. Navigate to the specific Project you'd like to add users to
  2. Click on the Settings icon on the left hand side
  3. Select the Users tab
  4. Start typing out the email address of the user you'd like to add, then click on that User
  5. Specify their access level - Editor or Viewer

Users must be invited by admins to join your Bild account first, and must complete their profile creation for them to appear as options for users to add to Projects.

Roles & Permissions - Account Level

Role Overall Account Permissions Project Permissions


Responsible for managing the overall account and settings of Bild

1) Access Company Settings

2) Add/Remove custom metadata fields

3) Add Users to the overall account

4) Adjust Table Columns/fields in Projects

5) Adjust BOM Table Columns/fields

6) Cancel check-outs made by other users

Automatic Editor on all Projects


Day-to-day user of Bild


1) Need to be invited to Projects they did not create

2) Can be either an Editor, Collaborator, or Viewer on a Project


Passive user of Bild

None 1) Need to be invited to Projects they did not create

Roles & Permissions - Project Level

Project Level Capabilities
Viewer View Files, create feedback items, write notes, create BOMs & Packages, view version history, download files, share links, update metadata properties
Editor In addition to Viewer capabilities, Editors can add/remove files, change project names, delete projects, check out/check in files, recover previous versions, and add users to projects.
Collaborator Can do everything an Editor can do, other than manage feedback items on the Kanban board

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