Creating And Deleting Projects

Project Overview

Bild allows you to create multiple projects and centralize different files formates into each project. You can also share project to both internal and external users in order to collaborate, share ideas, and move forward in your projects.

Creating a Project

  1. To create a project, first ensure that you are on the Dashboard Workspace
  2. Once you are on the Dashboard page click the “Create” button under the “Projects” section
  3. Then name your Project, click on the files you would like to add into it, and press “Next”
  4. Once you’ve named your project you will be prompted to select the already existing files in your vault you would like to add to the project (To learn how add files to you vault read “Adding Files”). Click all the files you would like to add and select “Next”
  5. You will then be prompted to add any existing users and assign them access as either Editors or Viewers (Read more about Editor & Viewer functions here)
  6. Once you select “Done” your new project will be created and available under Projects in the Dashboard view

Deleting A Project

  1. To delete a project go to the project's settings by clicking on the "Settings" icon
  2. Once the settings window opens, select the "Delete Project" button 
  3. This will then prompt you to type the projects name to confirm the deletion of the project 
  4. Once you've typed the project's name, select "Delete"

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