Releases & Roadmap

Recent Releases

Desktop Application

07.30.23 - Version 2.22.25

  • [Feature Improvement]
    • Users can now Shift + Select multiple files in their files table. When selecting rows in a table users can press Shift+Select on two rows to select/unselect all the rows between the two selected. Users can also press Shift+Select to select a row and then press Shift & up/down arrow to select/unselect rows
    • Users can right click on a file to view the "More Actions" options, rather than having to navigate and click on the dropdown. The action performed will be set for all selected files
    • For future releases, the updater will now link to this release notes page
  • [Bug Fix]
    • When releasing a file and creating a revision, the desktop app shows the correct tag. Previously it would show a modified tag.
    • Previously, in the My Files tab, when users selected files and scrolled, the files would get unselected. This has been updated so the files do not get unselected.

06.25.23 - Version 2.22.22

  • [Feature Improvement]
    • Move & Delete files
      • When files that a user has locally are moved/deleted from the web app, the changes will reflect in the desktop app as well
    • Delete local for new files
      • Users can now delete any files that are tagged as a new file, directly from the desktop app

Web Application


  • [New Feature]
    • Data Cards no longer have auto-generated STEP files. Users can manually generate STEP or STL files from Data Card.
    • Add attributes to ECOs. Enable users to provide more context on ECOs, including the ability to add attachments to the ECO itself.
  • [Feature Improvement]
    • Control (Windows) or Command (Mac) click on search result to open it up in a new tab
    • Order and hide metadata fields to adjust what is displayed in Data Cards


  • [Feature Improvement]
    • Auto-created ECOs will now have a starting status of "New" vs "In Progress" to differentiate ECOs that have active work vs a new ECO that hasn't been touched. ECOs that are actively being worked on will be "In Progress".


  • [Feature Improvement]
    • 3D Viewer updates
      • Users can now rotate the design while measuring
      • Ability to hide, isolate, and make components transparent


  • [Feature Improvement]
    • There are now company-level viewer roles, separate from Admins and Members. The company-level viewer can only be added as a viewer in a project. If a user was previously an editor in the project and then was switched to a company-level viewer, the user will now be viewer in that same project.
    • Company-level viewers will be billed at the viewer rate in the according plan


  • [Feature Improvement]
    • User Management updates where Admins can now:
      • Delete Users
      • Delete Invites
      • Resend Invites
    • Users now cannot delete files that are checked out, regardless if the file is checked out by that users as well
  • [Bug Fix]
    • When auto-incrementing the revision for children on a release, the auto-increment setting will appropriately increment the children file along with the parent


  • [New Feature]
    • Be able to share files through a public link. Users can now either generate a live link that will contain a set of files that are shared. If any files under the live link get updated, the live link will automatically show the latest version of the file. Users can share a specific version of a link by navigating to the data card of that file and version and generate a version specific link.
    • Through the Shared Links drawer on the left, users can see all active links. They can manage links in the drawer and update, delete, or view any current links

Product Roadmap

Bild is committed to creating a product our users love. Many of us come from hardware backgrounds, enabling us to better understand your pain points. We also come from software backgrounds, and are looking to provide our users with the same kind of cloud-based tools to better facilitate your hardware development processes.

Our roadmap is based primarily on on customer feedback, cloud infrastructure requirements, and internal projects.

See this page for the roadmap.

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