Adding Feedback Items

Feedback Items from Assembly Viewer

You can also view, edit, and add feedback from the assembly viewer.

  1. To do you, first ensure you are on the assembly viewer. If you are not there, simply double click the file you wish you open in the project files page.
  2. From here you can view any existing feedback by selecting the show/hide feedback icon in the toolbar
  3. This will show all the existing items in that file and allow you to make comments and edits by simply clicking on them
  4. You can add additional feedback items by selecting the “Add Feedback” option
  5. Then you can click on the section in the assembly where you would like to add feedback and add your feedback
  6. Once you’ve added your feedback select “Post”

*if you open board while you are currently on a file, it will only show the feedback items that pertain to that particular file, until you select “show all feedback”

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