Single & Double Clicking Functions

Single Clicks

Single-clicking on any file will open up the file’s information to allow a more in-depth view of different aspects such as: details of the file, versions, approvals, etc. In this new view, you will can view an edit details of that file such as: cost, lot number, supplier, and the description. You are also able to view all the activity pertaining to the specific files, view and recover previous versions, and edit/create approvals.

*The “Where Used” allows you to track the different locations where the file exists within all the projects.

Double Clicks/Assembly Viewer

Double clicking the file will render and open the assembly view. Here you will be able view the file information, create feedback items, and directly edit the assembly via the tool bar.

When you double click on a file, the file viewer comes on. The setting default is that it hides feedback (you can toggle on and off)

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