Frequently Asked Questions

What files formats can I render on Bild?
  • 3D CAD: .STP, .STEP, .DWG, .RVT, .F3D, .3DM, .3DS, .GER, .STL, .DXF, .PRT, .ASM, .SLDPRT, and .SLDASM files are supported
  • ECAD: Eagle (.SCH and .BRD), Native Altium, native KiCad, .GXX and .DRL files
  • PDF: .PDF files
  • Image: .JPG and .PNG
  • Powerpoint: .PPT files
  • Excel: .XLSX and .XLS
  • Word: .DOCX and .DOC
  • Programming Language: .c, .h, .ino, .txt, .cpp, .vhdl
How do I integrate tools on Bild?
Bild lets you integrate tools such as Slack, Solidowrks, Jira, amoung others. If you would like to see a complete lists of our integrations and see step by step guides on how to connect to them, view our integrations page here.
How do I share files/folders on Bild?

You can share file(s) or folder(s) by clicking on it and selecting the "Share" button on the upper-right bars, you will then be prompted to enter the guests' email. Learn more about sharing files with guests here

Can I set up Bild with my design library? 

Yes, add design part files and library components to the design library in Bild. In your desktop app, make sure you download all your design library files. Go to your design tool settings and add the local directory as your design library location.

What files can I access and revision through the desktop app? 

All file formats.

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