Frequently Asked Questions

What file formats can I render on Bild's plarform?

To see how each type of file is rendered, refer to the File Viewers page. 

  • 3D CAD: .STP, .STEP, .DWG, .RVT, .F3D, .3DM, .3DS, .GER, .STL, .DXF, .PRT, .ASM, .SLDPRT, and .SLDASM files are supported
  • ECAD: Eagle (.SCH and .BRD), Native Altium, native KiCad, .GXX and .DRL files
  • PDF: .PDF files
  • Image: .JPG and .PNG
  • Powerpoint: .PPT files
  • Excel: .XLSX and .XLS
  • Word: .DOCX and .DOC
  • Programming Language: .c, .h, .ino, .txt, .cpp, .vhdl

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