Creating A Project

Bild allows you to create multiple projects and add different files formats into each project. Once you have created and set up a project you will be able to render, check out and share files.

Create A Project 

  • One the dashboard page, select "Create Project"
  • A pop up screen will appear prompting you to create a name for your project. Name your project and click "Next"

Add Files

  • Once you've named your project you can add the files by selecting files from the vault
  • When you have selected the files click "Next"

*As of now files must first exist in the vault in order to be added onto projects. 

Add Collaborators 

  • Search members within the company account and assign them an access level of either editor or viewer
  • Once you've assigned an access level select "Add" and continue adding additional members 
  • If you've finished adding the project members click "Done"

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