August 2022 Update

It’s been a busy month at Bild and we are excited to announce our latest update. Bild now makes it easy to:

Add And Rename Folders In The Vault

Bild is making it easier to customize folders to fit your needs. Users are now able to add folders to the vault as well as rename any existing folders. This will allow users to have more control over their vault and files stored in it. By selecting the "New Folder" icon will you will be able to name and add a folder.  

If you want to rename a folder simply right click on folder in the fault and select "Rename" 

Add Assembly Part References

When you click on assemblies you are able to view all the children in that parent file and also manually reference any additional part files within the vault. As shown above you can click on the “+” to reference any part files.

Drag & Drop

The new drag and drop feature enables you to upload files directly to projects and to the vault via drag and drop. Simply drag any files from your desktop and drop them into our browser and they will be imported directly into the vault or projects.

Delete Projects

With our new delete project feature, you will be able to easily delete projects you are no longer need. You are able to delete projects by navigating to the projects’ settings and selecting “delete.”

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