Add Assembly Part Reference

Adding Parent/Child References To Files

Bild now enables users to create parent/child references through the "Where Used" And "Children" sections in the file information drawer. You can learn how to add "children" files below: 

  1. To add a child references to a parent file, start by navigating to the parent file and opening up the file's information drawer 
  2. On the file information drawer, scroll to the "Children Files" section and select "View Children Files"
  3. Here you will be able to view the existing children files, to add a reference you can scroll down to the "+New" button
  4. Once you've selected this file, navigate toward the file you'd like to add as a child and select the checkbox ( If you would like to add multiple references you can do so by selecting the checkboxes of all the files)
  5. When done, select Update

💡 Once you've followed these steps, you can navigate to the children file and you'll be able to view the parent file in the "Where Used" section

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