3D Viewer
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Bild's 3D Viewer lets users view files directly within Bild. Not only can you view your CAD files but you can also interact with models by exploding, isolating, and zooming!

3D Viewer Dock

  • Home: The home video centers and undoes any actions such as zoom, explode, measurements

  • Measure: With this feature, you can take length and angle measurements from CAD files

  • Cross Sections: Split models with x, y, and z cross-sections

  • Explode: Explode models

  • Annotations: Toggle Off/On viewing CAD annotations associated with models

Right Click Options

You can select a part in Bild's viewer and right-click to see the following options:


  • Hide: Hide model parts from the viewer

  • Isolate: Isolate parts for a more in-depth view

  • Transparent: Make a part within a model transparent

  • Zoom: Zoom into specific parts

Viewing Different Configurations

Bild enables users to toggle between different configurations directly within the viewer. Learn how to view different configurations below:

  1. Click the drop-down menu on the upper section of the viewer

  2. Select the configuration you'd like to view


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