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Commits are a way to keep track of all changes happening to a Project. Activities such as check outs/ins, deletions, releases, etc all have an associated Commit, or log, of the action. This functionality is part of the broader Branch and Merge capabilities, enabling Design Engineers to rapidly iterate on alternative designs before down-selecting to best option.

Insert an element

View Commit

  1. Navigate to your desired project

  2. Click on the "Commits" button on the left-hand navigation bar

3. Click on the Commit ID

4. Click "View Commit"

Viewing a Commit shows your Branch at the point when the action of the Commit took place. As examples:

1. There is a Commit for Files Checked In. Clicking on that Commit ID will display the file names of the files that were checked in

2. Clicking on View Commit will display a version of that Branch at the time those files were checked in


  1. View the Commit (from above) that needs to be reverted

  2. Click Revert

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