Data Cards
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Bild's Data Card (Right Info Drawer) lets users view key information about every file. Within a data card, you will find a file's metadata, parent/child references, STEP/Native file download, and all the file's history.

Editing Metadata

The file information drawer contains important information about a file such as its general details, metadata, parent/child relations, and its versions.

  1. Single-click on the file that you want to edit the metadata for, this will open the file information drawer

  2. Scroll down to the "Metadata" section, here you will see all the metadata associated with the file

  3. Click on the "Edit" button located in the top-right corner of the metadata section

4. Edit the metadata fields as needed, you can add, edit or remove the values of the metadata fields

5. Once you have made the changes, select the "Update" button to save all changes

πŸ’‘ If you want to add global metadata properties that can be applied to all your files in Bild, you can do so via the account settings.

Share Links

Bild enables you to share Version Links within the information drawer, these links will be version specific and can be viewed/accessed by anyone who has the link. You can always regenerate or remove a link entirely - this will disable the initial link.

  1. Single-click on the file that you'd like to generate a version link for

  2. Once the information drawer is open, scroll down to the Share This Version section

  3. Click the Create Version Link button

4. This will create a link thank you can copy by selecting the copy icon and share with external guests

πŸ’‘ Users with access to this link will be able to view the file via the online viewer, download the file, and see the metadata - this will only apply to the specific version you created the link for.

Download Native and/or STEP File

Bild users can download read-only native and/or STEP files via the information drawer. These files can be used as references or shared with any external guests.

  1. Single-click on the file you'd like like to download

  2. Once in the information drawer, scroll to the bottom of the panel

  3. Here you will see two options:

  • Download STEP File: This will download the file in a STEP file format (STEP-242)

  • Download: This will download a copy of the native CAD file

4. Select one of these options and the file will automatically begin to download


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