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Creating Folders

  1. To create a folder, first navigate to the project and location where you would like the folder

  2. Once there, select the +New Folder button located at the upper right corner

3. Enter the name of the folder

4. Click Create

Renaming Folders

  1. To rename a folder, navigate to the folder you would like to change

  2. Right-click on the folder and select Rename

3. Enter the updated folder name

4. Select Rename and the folder will be updated

Deleting Folders

  1. Navigate to the folder you would like to delete

  2. Select the checkbox of the folder(s) you would like to delete

  3. Click on the More Actions drop-down in the upper right corner

4. Select the Delete Files button

5. Once you've confirmed the folder(s) you would like to delete, select Delete

Deleting a folder will also delete any files within the folder. Please make sure to verify a folder's content prior to deleting it

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