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Packages in Bild help capture the states of files at any given time and will maintain frozen copies of those. These files will not update with any changes made thereafter and can be downloaded at any time via Bild.

Creating A Package

  1. To create a package, navigate to the project you would like to create a package in

  2. Once in your project select the checkboxes of any files you would like to include in the package

  3. Navigate to the More Actions drop-down in the upper right corner

  4. Click on Create Package

  5. ou will then be prompted to enter a package name

  6. Once you've entered a name, select Create Package

πŸ’‘ You can also create a package by opening up the packages page via the left menu dock and selecting +New on the upper right corner of the page

Downloading A Package

Users can always view the files within a package or download packages via Bild's browser. If you would like to download a package, learn how to do so below:

Insert an element

  1. Navigate to the project where the package was created

  2. Select the Packages icon on the left menu dock

  3. Locate the package you would like to download and select it

  4. Select Download Package

πŸ’‘ Packages will download in a ZIP folder and will contain the CAD files along with an Excel sheet containing the metadata of all the files within the package

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