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Issue Tracking & Feedback
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Creating Feedback Comments on CAD Models

  1. Navigate to the file you'd like to add feedback on, double click on it to render it in the 3D viewer

  2. Once in the 3D viewer, select the Add Feedback button

  3. This will create a feedback pop up, fill out the feedback pop-up with a title, description, and/or drawing

Titles are required for all feedback items but descriptions and drawings are optional

4. When completed, select Post

5. Once you've selected the post, you will be able to view the feedback item on the Kanban board page

💡 Bild captures the view frame the model was in when posting so when other team members open the feedback item, they will be redirected to the same model view frame

Kanban Board

  1. To open the Kanban board, select the Board icon on the left menu dock within a project

  2. Here you can view all the existing feedback comments, the member who created it, and a timestamp

  3. To open a feedback item you can click on it and you will be redirected to the file it pertains to

If you open the Kanban board while the 3D viewer is open you will only be able to see the feedback items for that particular file

  • Adding/Removing Columns: To add columns select the Add Column button on the upper right corner. To remove a column hover over the column title, select the three dots, and click Delete Columns

  • Filtering By Risk: To filter by risk, click the Risk Level drop-down and select a risk level

  • Filtering By Tags: To filter by tags, click the Tags drop-down and select a tag to filter by

Assign Users, Due dates, and Add Attachments

  1. Start by opening the Kanban board

  2. Hover over the feedback item and click on the Open button

  3. This will open the feedback's additional information, here you can click on the following drop-down options to perform certain actions

  • Information: Add due dates, add risk levels, and edit feedback status

  • Description: Add/Update feedback description

  • Attachments: Add attachments to the feedback item

  • Assign To: Assign feedback items to other team members within the project

  • Tags: Create/Add tags to feedback items

  • Comments: Add comments to feedback items

View/Add Comments for a Feedback Item

  1. Open the Kanban board by clicking on the Board icon on the left menu dock

  2. Navigate to the feedback item and hover over the feedback box

  3. Select the Open button

  4. Click on the Comments drop-down on the right panel

  5. Here you can view all the existing comments for the feedback item and create a new one by selecting Add A Comment

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