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Renaming, Moving, or Deleting Files & Folders
Renaming, Moving, or Deleting Files & Folders
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Whether you had a typo, need to move files due to re-organization of folder hierarchy, or no longer need files at all - see below for best practices.

Bild cloud is the source of truth for all users in an organization. The file paths and folder structures set in the web application propagate to all users across the web and desktop applications and are utilized by your CAD system as well when opening/saving files. As a result, most of the actions below need to occur in the Bild Web Application for 1) these changes to apply to all users, and 2) prevent check out/check in issues.

Renaming Files

Parent child relations in CAD are dependent on file name - so any changes to file name will require a rebuild of the assembly in your CAD system. Due to this, users will need to rename files in their CAD system, and save-as a new file.

Insert an element

However, you can still preserve the file history (check outs and ins, and releases) with Bild functionality. To do so:

Insert an element

  1. In the Bild Desktop App, Check Out the file (and the file's assembly) you'd like to rename

  2. In your CAD system, Save As

    1. Re-title your file

    2. Ensure it's saved to the same location as the original file

  3. In the Bild Desktop App, you will see the renamed file as a New File

  4. Click on Push New Files

    1. Or select, right-click, and Push New File

  5. Click "Select File" to Pair with the checked out file from Step 1 that you'd like to rename

  6. Once Paired, click Upload

Moving Files

Files can be moved anywhere within the same Project

  1. Create the ideal structure within your project - e.g. create the folder structure desired in the Bild Web Application

  2. Navigate to the Project and folder (if applicable) of the files that need to be moved

  3. Select the file(s) you'd like to move

  4. Right-click and within the "File Actions" drop-down select "Move Files" within the context menu

  5. Select the new destination

  6. Click "Move Here"

Only move files from the Bild Web Application - Do not move files in your Windows File Explorer. This will only change your local folder structure, resulting in file path issues for both Bild and your CAD system.

Deleting Files

There are various ways to delete files with multiple contexts:

  • Delete Local in the Desktop Application: will delete the locally downloaded versions of the file. Users can do this to save storage space on their local computers, and files can be re-downloaded from Bild.

  • Delete Files in the Web Application: will delete files from the cloud, and will affect all users.

Delete Local (Desktop App):

  1. Navigate to the Desktop Application and the desired project/folder

  2. Select the file(s) you'd like to delete locally

  3. Right-click and select "Delete Local" within the context menu

Deleting Files from your local Windows File Folder that were downloaded from Bild will delete those files locally, effectively performing the same action as "Delete Local" from the Desktop Application.

Delete Files (Web App):

  1. Navigate to the Web Application and the desired project/folder

  2. Select file(s) you'd like to permanently delete

  3. Right-Click

  4. Hover on the "File Actions" button in the context menu and select "Delete File"

  5. Click "Delete" to permanently delete the file(s)

Only delete Files from the Web Application if your organization no longer needs them. Alternatively - you can create an Archived folder in your Projects, and Move these files to the Archived folder if you still want to retain any history

Renaming Folders

  1. Navigate to the desired project/folder within the Bild web app

  2. Right-click on the folder and within the "Folder Actions" click the "Rename Folder" option

  3. Enter new name

  4. Click Rename

Moving Folders

  1. Navigate to the folder you'd like to move

  2. Right-click

  3. Click "Folder Actions" and then select "Move Folder"

  4. Select New Destination

  5. Click "Move Here"

All files within that folder, and that folder itself, will move to the new location. When specifying a new location, double-click into any sub-folders as necessary to pick the right location.

Deleting Folders

  1. Navigate to the Web Application and the desired folder

  2. Multi-select folder(s) you'd like to delete

  3. Right-Click

  4. Under "Folder Actions" click "Delete Folder"

  5. Confirm Delete

When deleting a folder, Bild will display all the files within that folder set for deletion. You can cancel or move forward with deletion.

Renaming Projects

  1. Navigate to the Project

  2. Click on the Settings Icon in the bottom left-hand corner

  3. Click on the Pencil Icon next to the current Project Name

  4. Type over the current Project Name

  5. Press Enter on your Keyboard

Deleting Projects

  1. Navigate to the Project

  2. Click on the Settings icon on the left menu bar

  3. Click on Delete Project

  4. Type out the name of the Project

  5. Click Delete

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